The Process


We start with a free phone consultation and set goals based on your project, lifestyle and passion.



We declutter and set new systems, focusing on simplicity & utility. Unwanted items are donated, recycled or safely disposed.



We style and decorate with things you love. The result is an inspiring space that makes your life better.

Tailored To Your Passion

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Time Saver

Your schedule is nuts, so I'll manage your project with your presence needed minimally.
Recommended for: Those who are great with digital & mobile communication.

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Budget Minded

I'll style with economical items and share ideas, tips & expertise for you to upgrade existing pieces on your own.
Recommended for: Those who love to thrift and DIY.

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Eco Conscious

All of my product recommendations will be eco-friendly and locally made wherever they're available. 
Recommended for: Those who prioritize Mama Earth. 

Hand Crafted

I'll focus on sourcing high-quality items, often produced by small businesses and custom-made just for you. 
Recommended for: Those who love to invest in things that last.

Have a project that doesn't fit with what you see here? View the À La Carte solutions below.