A feature with Alyson Hannigan in her LA Craft House

Image by Jana Cruder for People Magazine

Image by Jana Cruder for People Magazine

Have you ever wanted to convert an entire guest house into a haven for creativity and crafting? Yeah, me too.

Unfortunately, it's not really a luxury I think I'll be able to have any time soon. ;) Fortunately, I get to live vicariously through my clients and in this case, Alyson Hannigan and her adorable/awesome family. 

Aly and her family had recently moved into a new home so, understandably, the guest house turned craft house was chaotic and not the first priority. But there's nothing like the motivation to whip your space into shape when you invite company over -- especially when your guests are People Magazine! 

Now, I can't take full credit for all the work here because Aly was super-involved with the organizing and styling and her fabulous assistant is also a former organizer. It was a #dreamteam effort, for sure. All of the major furnishings and general zones were setup by Aly, but I will say that all the pictures below here have a strong touch of my organizing or styling handy work in them, and that makes me happy and proud. 

Read the full feature over on People.com or scroll through a few photos below.

Photos with People watermark are by Jana Cruder for People Magazine. Others by me. 

PS: this is only one room within the crafting house - there's even more fun to behold that we worked on together. Thanks to Aly for such a fun project!


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